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IAA is an international quality assurance agency, working to improve quality assurance standards of organization all over the world with its global network of experts. IAA grants accreditation to educational institutions, corporations, professionals and qualified individuals.
IAA Healthcare India Summit & Awards is coming to India to assess, accredit, recognize and felicitate the leaders in the Indian Healthcare. The First IAA Healthcare India Summit and Awards 2018 celebrate the global excellence and exemplary work in the healthcare sector in the country.
IAA Healthcare India Summit & Awards 2018 will be the international stamp of accreditation of quality. There are many rankings and awards for Healthcare & allied segment but this is one that'll be the last word and final seal of quality for your commitment to healthcare excellence and hence, client satisfaction & delight.
Healthcare Institutions who are engaged in Institutional Category (Hospitals, Clinics), Individual Category & Tertiary Category (like Labs, Pharmacies, Healthcare Start up's) are invited to apply.
We can apply for Max. 3 categories. Please complete a separate nomination form for each submission. Categories can be viewed on: Click here to see the categories
Institutes can upload their nominations on: click here to file nomination
The award nominees pass through a judicious process of scrutiny of IAA. The IAA empowers a highly respected international jury who verify , authenticate and decide on the title to be bestowed on the nominee. The nominee is then informed of the title.
For Institutional & Tertiary - INR. 1,00,000 + 18 % Taxes
For Individuals – INR. 50,000 + 18 % Taxes
Registration Number (GST): 22ACNPR7725A3ZN

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Payment is accepted through Online on the below mentioned payment portal:
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Yes, we do provide Exclusivity for Sponsorship & Awards in the different categories
Last date to send in the nominations is 20th August 2018
In case the nominee does not qualify on the award criteria , the nomination is likely to be cancelled at the discretion of the esteemed jury.
Note: Settlement of all disputes will be under the sole discretion of IAA.

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