About IAA Education Awards

About IAA Education Awards

About IAA Education Awards

Welcome to the First IAA Education India  Summit & Awards . This is for the first time that a reputed International Accrediting Authority is coming to India to assess , accredit , recognize and  felicitate  the leaders in the Indian Education The First IAA Education India Summit and Awards  celebrates global excellence and exemplary work in the education  sector in the country.

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IAA Education Awards

IAA Education India  Summit & Awards will be international stamp of accreditation of quality . There are many rankings and awards for schools, colleges and institutes but one that'll be the last word and final seal of quality for your commitment to education excellence and hence, student satisfaction and delight, will be none other but this one.

IAA Education India  Summit & Awards, 2018 are proposed to be organised on January 13th ,  2018 in Delhi. The expected distinguished guest for the evening will be one of famous celebrities of the country .

The IAA Education India  Summit & Awards will  be covered by renowned media houses . The event be featured on various  platforms including online news media and social media.

The IAA Education India Summit & Awards 2018 is a celebration of excellence – our awardees are the true heroes who make the difference!

Welcome to the World of International Standards!

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